Santa Fe Springs California Art

The Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival is the perfect place to find a trip that you can remember not only for the art, but also because it's so fun.

If you can take the whole family to the Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival, it will be fun for everyone. When you visit it, you will be surrounded by art, cooking and live bands playing in the city centre. We know that planning your holiday can be challenging, so we've created a free guide that will save you hours of research. If you're in Gainesville for the Santa Fe Spring Art Festival, our complimentary guide will help you plan your next trip.

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In addition, HAAC wanted to find a way to encourage local businesses to become more involved in supporting the arts and local education grants. As a result, the SFS Art Fest was established and the committee hired a partnership consultant to assist the staff and take over the entire curating of the art. The counselor and city staff met with local school leaders to spark interest in the event and expand the opportunity for student artists to showcase their art. With the increasing number of sponsorships and services of all kinds, the staff formed partnerships with local schools and adult education centres, which in turn provided additional financial and material support.

Staff noticed a steady increase in the number of local artists and the growth of the Santa Fe Springs Art Festival.

The 2014 event doubled to over 300 artworks on display and was enhanced significantly by repeated red carpet appearances, live music, food trucks and a host of other events. In 2015, over 1,000 artists from across the country, as well as local and national artists, were invited to the SFS Art Fest. More than 600 artworks were presented with the help of the Santa Fe Springs Art Festival's executive director, David L. Smith, which helped bring the attendance to over 3,000. The use of volunteers from colleges and high schools allowed for greater staff efficiency, enabled students to experience various tasks, generated more interest in the events and, more importantly, improved attendance.

More About Santa Fe Springs

More About Santa Fe Springs