Santa Fe Springs California Hotels

The Pico Pico Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe Springs, California is one of the most popular hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the only hotel with a full service restaurant, bar and spa on the property.

It is one of the highest rated independent hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area and the second best - rated by Best Western in Santa Fe Springs, California, based on user ratings.

La Mirada near Disneyland is one of the top rated Marriott and Starwood hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area based on customer reviews. It is the second-best rated Choice Hotels brand hotel in Santa Fe Springs, California and the third best of its kind in Los Angeles County. Bellflower is an independent hotel with a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating and is on Best of San Diego's Best Western hotel list. Ca Bellflowers belongs to a group of hotels with an average rating of 3.2 based on customer reviews over the last 365 days. This is one of the 10 highest rated hotel brands in San Jose, CA and also among the highest user ratings in Las Vegas, Nevada. Best - Rating of the Choice hotels brand based on HotelPlanner's ratings and the number one and number two in California.

The Geezers offers a large venue full of golf souvenirs, golf courses and golf clubs. This is handy if you are moving home or people are visiting or traveling through them and telling us how to use it when you sign up.

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There are another 149 results for this location, where data show that there is only one hotel in the city of Santa Fe Springs, California. You can also upgrade to see the estimated travel time for each of the hotels within 1,000 miles of the nearest hotel.

More About Santa Fe Springs

More About Santa Fe Springs