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Senator Bob Archuleta of California has been named the state's legislative leader of 2019 by the Veterans Affairs Council of California. The award is given to the Santa Fe Springs senator and his wife Nancy for their services to public service.

There is a wide range of colleges within 50 miles of Santa Fe Springs. Private education includes Catholic and Christian schools, and the Little Lake City School District offers more than 1,000 public and private schools for grade-eight students.

Also, the music business has something for everyone, and many of us just have to find something that is really for us. Growing up as an audiophile in a professional studio in the real world, you could work with international stars as well as up and coming local bands. Moreover, no matter how talented you are, your success in the music business is driven by knowing what you know. You can't do that with a cookie-cutter approach, but it's worth it.

How you take advantage of these opportunities can help determine how far you will go in the music business and how long you will go.

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Santa Fe Springs owes its development to the efforts of Cardinal James Francis McIntyre, the head of the Catholic Church in the United States. St. Paul's began as the name of a recently opened public high school and then became known as Santa Fe Catholic High School, located at the corner of San Fernando Street and San Gabriel Avenue in San Diego, California and surrounding communities in the Whittier area. Later, the name of the school in St Paul was changed to avoid confusion with the astonishing 24 Catholic grammar schools opened over the decades by Cardinal James Francis McIntyre.

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More About Santa Fe Springs